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i-D Magazine. (zine)

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Tom Sachs demonstrates how to create a copy of the plywood and resin zine.

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00:00:00 Tom Sachs: iD magazine June 2021. Check it out. Look we got a whole spread and were going to make a zine out of this. Here goes.

00:00:56 Tom Sachs: So now I have all the pages to the zine in the proper order. My front cover, everything in the middle, and then my back cover.

00:01:04 Tom Sachs: Now I’m gonna collate, so I take the back cover and the front cover off and tape them together.

00:01:20 Tom Sachs: So tape over the edge and then flip it over and tape both sides. Important to tape both sides.

00:01:36 Tom Sachs: Then you tape over the edges again. Corners. Now you have the first page, second page, last page and second last page.

00:01:48 Tom Sachs: Do this for the rest of the pages and make sure they are in the correct order. This is the centerfold. Pro Tip: Buy a second copy for reference.

00:02:00 Tom Sachs: Final step: binding. Use embroidery thread.

00:02:06 Tom Sachs: So right through the middle. Ow. Use a thimble.

00:02:27 Tom Sachs: Pro Tip Number two: end your last stitch on the inside so your knot is on the inside so their protected for a cleaner appearance.

00:02:36 Tom Sachs: Overhand knot. Snug it again.