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In this video the Sachs studio introduces the wear tester program for the Mars Yard 2.5 shoes.



00:00:06 Narrator: In development, failure is always an option.

00:00:13 Narrator: Failure is an opportunity for improvement.

00:00:20 Narrator: Testing in a controlled environment will only get you so far.

00:00:31 Narrator: Eventually we need the real world.

00:00:38 Narrator: Versatility breeds durability.

00:00:50 Narrator: In the studio. We are specialists.

00:01:03 Radio: We’re go for floor scoring.

00:01:08 Narrator: We are athletes.

00:01:20 Narrator: We push our equipment to meet our unique demands.

00:01:33 Narrator: There is a limit to what we can anticipate.

00:01:38 Narrator: Science is knowing what you don’t know.

00:01:47 Narrator: We need your help.

00:01:53 Narrator: Help us find the sweet spots.

00:02:00 Narrator: Help us find the weak points.

00:02:09 Narrator: Help us wear these shoes to death.

00:02:16 Sam Ratanarat: To join our wear testing program, post a one minute video to your Instagram feed. The opening shot must list your Instagram handle, your location, and your shoe size. Explain why you want to join Tag Tom Sachs and use the hashtag NikeCraft wear tester so we see it.

00:02:40 Narrator: Do you take these shoes to have and to hold?

00:02:44 Narrator: To wear and tear and document daily.

00:02:51 Trevor Davis: Here listen shoes.

00:02:54 Narrator: You swear to return these shoes upon completion of the experiment.

00:02:59 Serena Smith: It’s raining a bunch.

00:03:01 Narrator: We require hard work and commitment.

00:03:05 Narrator: This is a collaboration. This is your chance to leave your mark.