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Tom Sachs converts a ryobi hot-glue gun to be powered by makita batteries.



“Yves Klein, eat your heart out. International Klein blue, how about Makita lagoon?”


0:00:00 Tom Sachs: So Werner Herzog says, ‘day one is the point of no return.’ so I guess this is the beginning of the movie I’m gonna make.

00:00:07 Tom Sachs: I ordered this cryobi, hot glue gun, some Makita brand color paint, and from Australia this disgusting digitally grown. Disgusting Ryobi to Makita adapter.

00:01:00 Tom Sachs: You gone?

00:01:07 Tom Sachs: Gotta get this cactus thing out.

00:01:30 Tom Sachs: Time.

00:01:38 Tom Sachs: Alright. Now put this away, take this outside for painting.

00:02:19 Tom Sachs: Rust-oleum gloss lagoon.

00:02:28 Tom Sachs: Oh, look at that; go on.

00:02:38 Tom Sachs: Yves Klein, eat your heart out. International Klein blue, how about Makita lagoon?

00:02:46 Tom Sachs: So we’re making a Ryobi hot-glue gun work on Makita power. Using an Australian-made, hand-made adapter. And while the paints drying, we are doing a very important part of the project. Important, an important process called branding.

00:03:22 Tom Sachs: Ah-yeah, perfect. And filet.

00:03:41 Tom Sachs: Microtech, thank you.

00:03:45 Tom Sachs: K, so our glue gun’s painted and now we’re just gonna plug it in and see how it goes. First here is the adapter and the battery. Now we turn it on and red light’s on so we just wait a couple of minutes. K loading the hot glue. Here’s some. Do we have some? Do we have some?

00:04:06 Tom Sachs: Oh-yeah. Alright.

00:04:22 Tom Sachs: Voila. Perfect.