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Sachs' compresenshive color guide book as published in issue 1 of Boys Don't Cry Magazine.

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In the studio we adhere to a strict color code. Developed over decades, our color code consists of a finite and precise color palate. The color code is non-negotionable. We do not stray from the color code. The whole world as we experience it visually comes to us through the mystic realm of color.


In the studio, green is olive drab. OD 7 is our olive drab.

For OD 7, our preferred choice is Kyron Industrial Camouflage 8143 Olive Drab. Hove this has been discontinued.

The search continues.


McDonald’s Yellow - Golden #1130-6 Series 7 Kodak Yellow - Golden #1147-6, Series 6


Impervex Latex Enamel High Gloss - Brillaint Red 309


Flat Finish Acabado Liso Sin Brilo Decorators White N215 04

Alternatively: native whites i.e. 1989 Chevrolet Police Package White or Hunt Foamcore White. Chevrolet Caprice, Balaenoptera musculus, “Tom Sachs”, Fondazione Prada Milan, Italy, 6 April -15 June 2006


Flat: Black N215 90 Flat Acrylic Gloss: Black 30980


Orange is a native color in the studio. You will not find orange paint here. Except for emergency situations.


The color puple is a forbidden color. The color purple is forbidden in the studio. The color purple is punishable by death. There is never an excuse for the color purple.


For all NASA meatball applications we use: Benjamin Moore Imperevex Latex High Gloss Metal and Wood Enamel Classic Navy 309 35.


Pantone color standards are generally avoided because their limited range discourages subtlety. While we admire Pantone’s packaging and judicious use of Helvetica, we resent choosing from their limited offerings. Secret societies conspire to keep us in the dark ages of color. Comitee mentally guarantees that shitty cars like Saturn are only available in teal and maroon. In this studio, we shun decision by committee. Instead, we look to the superlative Porsche palate, which rains beautiful despite the company’s Nazi heritage and douche bag clientele.

Tom Sachs and Van Neistat NYC 2012




Nike color swatch book SP/SU 2012