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Juxtapoz Magazine. (interview)

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Tom Sachs and Mary Frey give their first tattoos to Porous Walker and David Hopp.



“Now your in the international database, which we have reciprocity with INTERPOL so it's complete. OK we gotta check that.”
“That was stressful man. It's just. It's just like engraving or anything else except like a little bit higher stakes.”
“It's like they had sex for the first time.”


00:00:15 Tom Sachs: My name’s Tom Sachs and I’m giving Porous Walker my first tattoo.

00:00:23 Tom Sachs: No, did I go deep enough? Oh woah.

00:00:27 All: Laughing.

00:00:29 Porous Walker: Everybody does the same thing.

00:00:31 Mary Frey: You should just leave it like that.

00:00:32 Tom Sachs: That’s amazing.

00:00:37 Porous Walker: I love how fast he goes. It’s soo good.

00:00:51 David Hopp: It’s really not looking as bad as it should.

00:00:53 All: Laughing.

00:00:58 Mary Frey: We’re gonna need a lot more whiskey.

00:01:03 Porous Walker: Yeah.

00:01:13 Tom Sachs: Can I sign it?

00:01:14 Porous Walker: Yeah, please.

00:01:15 Mary Frey: You are so brave. I love Tom to death but I don’t know if I could have him on my arm like that all the time.

00:01:16 Tom Sachs: It’s pretty good but the. I think I should give you a serial number.

00:01:19 Porous Walker: Yeah. Oh fuck yeah.

00:01:20 Tom Sachs: Is it S slash N? How we doin'?

00:01:22 Pat McCarthy: Typically it’s S slash N, yeah.

00:01:27 Porous Walker: The look on his face.

00:01:28 Mary Frey: Wait. Tom look at me? Nice.

00:01:30 Tom Sachs: Am I covered in ink?

00:01:31 Porous Walker: Yeah.

00:01:33 Tom Sachs: 464. Now your in the international database, which we have reciprocity with INTERPOL so it’s complete. OK we gotta check that.

00:01:43 Mary Frey: Oh, I like those drips.

00:01:44 Tom Sachs: I know, if only those could stay.

00:01:47 JJ Peet: Oh, hell yeah.

00:01:49 Tom Sachs: I think we did it.

00:01:50 Porous Walker: Perfect.

00:01:52 Mary Frey: Wait. Look at me.

00:01:56 Mary Frey: It’s like they had sex for the first time.

00:01:58 Tom Sachs: It definitely feels like it. Tattoo artists must get laid.

00:02:04 Tom Sachs: That was stressful man. It’s just. It’s just like engraving or anything else except like a little bit higher stakes.

00:02:12 David Hopp: Are you sure you haven’t done this before?

00:02:25 Mary Frey: This is how Tom gets so much shit done all the time, no?

00:02:28 Masa Tsuyuki: Cause he just goes so fast?

00:02:29 Mary Frey: He just like

00:02:31 Masa Tsuyuki: Ploughs through.

00:02:46 Tom Sachs: Woah. It’s much smaller than the last one. I’m sorry I made it so big, I’m really trying to like it’s hard to control.

00:02:56 Mary Frey: Look at his face.

00:03:00 Tom Sachs: Am I just completely splattered?

00:03:03 Masa Tsuyuki: No, no, no. Not at all.

00:03:03 Mary Frey: Thank good you don’t, kill people for a living. It’s so fucked up.

00:03:10 Tom Sachs: Alright so. Oh. So. Ahhh. Do you want. I was going to sign it this way facing me, or do you want me to flip around so it’s facing that way do you care?

00:03:12 David Hopp: Uhhh. I don’t.

00:03:21 JJ Peet: That’d be nice

00:03:22 Tom Sachs: Yeah. Let’s do that.

00:03:37 Mary Frey: I’m gonna pee in my pants.

00:03:45 Masa Tsuyuki: It’s kinda so hard cause it’s like a big, you go with your gut. You can’t, look at what your doing. You’re just kinda like, feeling.

00:03:54 Tom Sachs: Oh my god. Is that OK?

00:03:52 David Hopp: No. Actually can you take it back?

00:04:07 Mary Frey: That’s so much love.

00:04:02 David Hopp: Hold on, let me get a photo.

00:04:08 Tom Sachs: That was amazing. Anyone else?

00:04:12 Porous Walker: It might have to be a video.

00:04:15 Mary Frey: Wait. Can you get between. Can you do like a Tom Sandwich?

00:04:18 Tom Sachs: Wait. You should be on this side.

00:04:24 Pat McCarthy: You got tilt?

00:04:25 Pat McCarthy: Yeah, yeah, yeah there it is.

00:04:28 Mary Frey: Sexy. Beast. OK. Amazing.

00:04:35 Porous Walker: You wanna eat and then do it?

00:04:36 JJ Peet: Let’s eat.

00:04:53 Pat McCarthy: Wait hang on, JJ’s tattooing his own foot.

00:04:56 Mary Frey: Really?

00:05:11 Masa Tsuyuki: Oh, that’s gonna hurt.

00:05:17 JJ Peet: I feel like I should do one on my hand.

00:05:19 Porous Walker: Yeah, it’s always a good feeling.

00:05:23 Pat McCarthy: Why don’t you give yourself a black toe or somethin?

00:05:26 JJ Peet: A black what?

00:05:26 Pat McCarthy: Black Toe.

00:05:29 Pat McCarthy: Fill it all in dude.

00:05:32 Mary Frey: I love that idea of a black toe.

00:05:37 JJ Peet: That’s a terrible idea.

00:05:39 Tom Sachs: That’s a weird idea.

00:05:43 Mary Frey: That’s the best, the black toe.

00:05:44 Pat McCarthy: The point is, it’ll take you long enough that you’ll get your jollies before you start wrecking your arms or whatever.

00:05:49 Tom Sachs: Yeah don’t do, don’t do your hands yet.

00:05:53 Porous Walker: You could do your toenail.

00:05:55 Mary Frey: No, don’t do your nail. I feel like that’s bad luck.

00:06:01 JJ Peet: And if you do the bottom palm of your hand it goes away eventually?

00:06:04 Tom Sachs: Everything goes away eventually.

00:06:05 Mary Frey: I don’t care about that. Who cares?

00:06:18 JJ Peet: Yeah.

00:06:18 Porous Walker: Oh that’s good.

00:06:21 JJ Peet: I’m done now.

00:06:22 Porous Walker: That is pretty good.

00:06:24 JJ Peet: Little hook in the beginning. Nice and crappy.

00:06:30 JJ Peet: Good. Done.

00:06:32 Tom Sachs: Lemme see. Lemme see.

00:06:33 Pat McCarthy: That’s a really good place for a hand tattoo.

00:06:36 Tom Sachs: Yeah that’s really good.

00:06:40 JJ Peet: I gotta stop because I gotta keep going on my naughty. That’s not good. Thank you Tom.

00:06:45 JJ Peet: Oh that’s good. That was a good trial over there.

00:06:48 JJ Peet: Now I’ll remember that the rest of my life.

00:07:06 Mary Frey: OK, Mary Frey or Satan?

00:07:11 Porous Walker: It’s your call.

00:07:13 Porous Walker: Do the star first.

00:07:14 Mary Frey: I’m not doin' the star.

00:07:15 Porous Walker: Oh.

00:07:16 Masa Tsuyuki: What? You gotta do the star.

00:07:17 Mary Frey: Ah-ha-ow!

00:07:21 Porous Walker: Push hard. Like a. Harder.

00:07:26 Mary Frey: It’s so scary.

00:07:27 Masa Tsuyuki: Your doing really good actually.

00:07:31 Mary Frey: Oh, this kinda fun.

00:07:35 Tom Sachs: Santa?

00:07:37 Tom Sachs: Santa? Ho ho ho?

00:07:42 Tom Sachs: She’s misspelled it.

00:07:47 Mary Frey: Oh it looks so good. It should just be that. You know?

00:07:50 Porous Walker: Just Satan.

00:07:52 Tom Sachs: Yeah.

00:07:54 Mary Frey: No it should be ceramics. No?

00:07:55 Tom Sachs: Okay.

00:07:56 Porous Walker: Do the star, come on.

00:07:58 Mary Frey: No. No star.

00:07:59 Mary Frey: No star right?

00:08:02 Mary Frey: I’m scared of the doin' star, I’m really fuck it up.

00:08:05 JJ Peet: You’ve drawn it eight thousand times.

00:08:08 Mary Frey: Shutup JJ.

00:08:15 Mary Frey: K.

00:08:17 Porous Walker: Woah, shit.

00:08:19 Mary Frey: Dude!

00:08:20 JJ Peet: I kinda want one of those.

00:08:21 Mary Frey: That looks so good Porus Walker.

00:08:33 Mary Frey: Oh god. I wish my mum was alive to see this, she would be loving it.

00:08:38 Mary Frey: She’d be like Mary your fucking crazy.

00:08:42 Mary Frey: Wow it’s thickness.

00:08:41 David Hopp: That’s nice.

00:08:50 Mary Frey: Did that hurt?

00:08:51 David Hopp: It feels amazing.

00:08:53 Mary Frey: Is that why your like in pain?

00:08:52 David Hopp: Am I in pain? No I’m just I’m overweight and I’m a mouth breather.

00:09:05 Mary Frey: Oh I don’t mean to put you in pain.

00:09:02 David Hopp: No no no.

00:09:14 Tom Sachs: Nice. It’s perfect.

00:09:15 Mary Frey: You’re never gonna get a job in the real world. Thank you very much.

00:09:22 Mary Frey: Come on Porus, you need any touchups or anything baby?

00:09:26 Mary Frey: That was so much fun, wait I’m going to take a picture.

00:09:29 JJ Peet: I love that.

00:09:30 Mary Frey: Wait hold on.

00:09:37 Tom Sachs: Can I just do one more? Where it’s like. Get your head in there. Not exactly. Yeah. Yeah.

00:09:45 Mary Frey: I’m not sure if this is comfortable.

00:09:46 Tom Sachs: Yeah that’s good.

00:09:48 Tom Sachs: OK without the fuck you finger for a second.

00:09:50 JJ Peet: We’re getting so romantic.

00:09:54 Tom Sachs: OK got it.

00:09:56 Mary Frey: That was so much fun.

00:09:52 David Hopp: Awww. High five?

00:09:59 Mary Frey: That was great, it was live having sex for the first time.

00:10:01 David Hopp: Uh. All over again. You need one of these.

00:10:08 Mary Frey: Yeah. I mean my heart is beating.

00:10:10 Tom Sachs: Exciting.

00:10:11 Porous Walker: Dude. Thank you so much.

00:10:15 Tom Sachs: Thank you.